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Equipment for testing various lamination material and different solar cells.

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Thesis work at the Foundation for the Research of Concentrated Solar Energy

Welcome to apply for a thesis project with us!

Our personnel are experienced in helping thesis students to make good research – we have had over 15 projects the last 7 years.
Out methodology is based on the insight that good support from the staff can only come if the project is important to the organization. We organize the thesis project in blocks, each block contain reading, activities and presentation. We prefer our projects to start with the main issue early.
Together, we have multiple objectives with a thesis project:

  • To solve the problem assigned to the project
  • To produce the thesis paper
  • To get the research accepted for presentation
  • To get the student a job

We are proud to say that most of our students get work directly after their thesis project, some in our organization but most in other companies. We help the students with contacts and suggestions how to find jobs in the sector.

It is an advantage if the student can be assigned a long time in advance. In one of our most successful projects, the student started small work with us half a year in advance. That made it possible to get right on to the important work when the project started. To make smaller projects in other classes together with us is a good way to prepare for the thesis work.

During the project, we prefer to have the student present at the lab most of the time. We provide each student a working place and can purchase quite expensive equipment to make the work successful. We also pay all costs for living in Härnösand and reasonable travel costs during the project. Also literature, computer programs and other costs related to the project.

We pay only a symbolic reimbursement to the student for the work and sometimes for equipment that is used like portable computer or iPhone. As gratification we can offer to pay all costs of participation at an international exhibition.

All students sign a non disclosure agreement before starting the project. Often, some part of the project need to be undisclosed.

We are looking forward to meeting you!


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